Monday, 8 April 2013

मीना मंच का गठन-

Meena in Uttar Pradesh
  • Meena campaign a special intervention to enhance community commitment for girls education was initiated under DPEP.
  • Post screening discussions were carried out.  In these discussions people expressed desire to send their daughters to schools.
  • This communication tool for girls education has been used in VEC, MTA & WMG training.
  • To invite suggestion and feed back from field, a workshop organised at state level.  Concept of Meena Manch emerged in workshop.
Aims & Objectives  
  • To provide a platform to adolescent girls to express themselves.
  • To develop the capabilities of leadership & cooperation.
  • To give a platform for discussion about adolescent queries.
  • To develop the skills of creation, writing & paintings etc
  • To develop life skills for better standard of life.
  • For the awareness of child & women rights.
Executive Committee-

Five member Executive Committee is elected from among the members.  The executive committee constitutes of
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Two members 

Meena Facilitator - 
To facilitate the Meena manch one lady teacher of school is nominated as Meena facilitator.   3 days training is given to Meena facilitator.  These facilitators provide active support to Meena Manch at school level.


Meena Prerak-

For documentation of Meena Manch activities and  spokespersons  for manch is Meena Prerak 

  • Selected in general meeting
  • Girl with leadership qualities
  • Girl with ability to convince
Regular meeting of the executive committees is  held every month followed by a general meeting of Meena Manch.  These meetings are called Meena Panchayats.

Interventions of Meena Manches-

  • In cluster schools of NPEGEL these Meena Manches are actively handling the school library, sports activities& management of early child care education centers.
  • Mobilize community through role play, story telling and discussion regarding these issues.
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