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.:: Shiksha Mitra ::.
Shiksha Mitra Scheme as para teachers for U.P. Basic Shiksha Parishadiya Primary Schools
Need :
  • Universalization of elementary education.
  • Non availability of minimum 2 teachers for each parishadiya primary schools.
  • Deployment problem in rural interior schools.
  • Teacher Pupil Ratio is very high in rural areas. To maintain teacher pupil ratio as per norms in remote areas.
  • To involve VEC  in primary education.
Objectives of the scheme :
  • To provide minimum two teachers in each parishadiya primary school.
  • To minimise the teacher pupil ratio up to the norms.
  • To make provision for local youths to serve their community.
  • To ensure active participation of Village Education Committee in primary education.
  • To make provision for local educated ladies to serve in schools & promote Community confidence in girls education.
  • To increase retention of children.
  • To ensure enrolment of out of school children by focussing Shiksha Mitras on largest classes I & II in schools.
  • To obtain, aim of five teachers per school, in 3:2 ratio of regular teachers & Shiksha Mitras.
Operational aspects of the shiksha mitra scheme :
  • Minimum educational qualification for the Shiksha Mitra is Intermediate or equivalent.
  • Shiksha Mitras should be from the village, failing which from the Nayaya Panchayat where in the primary school is located.
  • 50% women will be selected as Shiksha Mitra.
  • Selection will be done by Village Education Committee (VEC) through merit list prepared on the basis of average of educational qualification marks obtained at High School & Intermediate level.
  • Selected list of Shiksha Mitra will be screened by the District Level Committee, to check that it is as per rules and then only honorarium funds will be released to VEC & Shiksha Mitra sent for one month pre-inducation training.
  • Rigorous training for 30 days is provided on the basis  of training module prepared by the experts & educationists of State Council of Educational Research and Training.
  • After approval of the District Level Committee, the selected candidates have to obtain one month rigorous training at DIETs.
  • Rs. 2400/- is the honorarium p.m. paid through VEC.
  • Shiksha Mitra can be removed from his duty by VEC due to non-satisfactory performance.
  • Shiksha Mitra entrusted to teach class - I & II. They are trained specifically for this.
  • A provision of 15 days refresher training after completion of every year academic session successfully, and the V.E.C.'s renewal of his candidature for next session.
  • Teaching Learning Material grants have been provided to Shiksha Mitras also for joyful learning practices.
  • VEC can renew the contract of  the Shiksha Mitra in next session keeping in view their work & conduct.
General Impact of the scheme :
  • Public perception of Shiksha Mitra's work is very good.
  • Head Teachers & regular teachers are reporting that teaching work done by Shiksha Mitra of good quality.
  • There are more lady teachers in schools - 40% are Shiksha Mitras.
  • Highly qualified Shiksha Mitra's having qualification up to postgraduate & B.Ed. are getting selected.
  • Children of class I & II are responding well to the local Shiksha Mitra in the play way method.
  • Shiksha Mitra's are benefitting from monthly Nyay Panchayat Resource Centre (NPRC) meetings with regular teachers.

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